If not for her death, would we have ever known the story of Sandra Bland?

The arresting officer abuses his position, and a young woman is jailed for three days simply for failing to signal while changing lanes.  There’s no “proof” of racism, but I can’t imagine a white female would have been treated this way.  And if something like that happened to me, I know my mother would be going down to Texas to make heads roll.  Because if you’re white, you don’t tolerate that kind of shit from the police.  If your black, though…do you tell your child to keep her head down and not make trouble?  In the past, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the advice a black parent would have given to a child who’s been arrested without cause.

So…if not for Sandra Bland’s death, would there have ever been a comprehends investigation of her arrest?  Would the dashcam footage have been released?

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