Amato and Fleisher – “Reforming Creative Writing Pedagogy: History as Knowledge, Knowledge as Activism”

Amato, Joe and H. Kassia Fleisher.  “Reforming Creative Writing Pedagogy: History as Knowledge, Knowledge as Activism.”  Web.

Fundamental questions that arise in reform pedagogy:

  1. Can writing be effectively taught without also addressing the historical and cultural contexts that determine how writing is judged?  (probably not…)
  2. What do we mean by “higher efucation” in terms of the experiences of the individual student writer?  What are the ultimate benefits or lessons that students should gain from university creative writing courses?  An appreciation for the historical contexts affecting their own work?  Sufficient feedback to accurately gauge the “fit” of their works within these broader contexts?  Sufficient competence and flexibility in the execution of style so as to adapt their writing as needed in order to address or challenge their topics and audiences of interest?

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