Lead and Paradigm

if leaded gasoline changed cultural norms not only for crime, but for all behavior, then the “generational disconnect” observed between Boomers and adjacent generations could be partly explained by it.  With Millennials, it could be that a “mellow” generation is being judged harshly by older adults who have been neurologically affected by childhood lead exposure.

Then again, I could well be out-of line for even suggesting such a possibility.  And this “data” I’m extrapolating from has never been applied to this type of cultural norm – it’s doubtful it ever could be.  Rhetorically, I’m in the wrong field (i.e. humanities) to even speculate along these kinds of lines using this kind of data.

But let’s entertain the possibility as a hypothesis.  Would there be ways to test it?  Ways to tease out subtitle cultural effects stemming g from leaded gasoline?

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