HubPages: A Challenging Resource

HubPages offers a unique hybrid of social media and blogging (somewhat akin to Tumblr), but it enforces strict community guidelines that can place added burden on the author. It could be a great teaching resource, but I caution against it after the following experiences:

  • When I recently logged in, I discovered that all of my past Hubs had reverted to draft form due to expired links.
  • When I assigned it for student projects one semester, several students had difficulty getting their projects posted online, and others had their projects forced back to draft stage.  They didn’t quite meet those community guidelines, which could be used as a teachable moment…except that I couldn’t read what my students had written to give them feedback on how to meet those guidelines.

So…the content you will find on HubPages is generally very good – they are constantly “pruning” the site to keep it relevant and up-to-date.  But for teaching composition or creative writing, you have to decide if this “meeting the standard” mentality might hurt student confidence.  Or simply create so much needless aggravation that your students come to distrust your motives and subsequently hate the course.

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