Autoethnography – Ellis, Adams, and Bochner

Ellis, Carolyn, Tony E. Adams, and Arthur P. Bochner.  “Autoethnography: An Overview.”  FQS 12.1, Art. 10 (2011).    

“A researcher uses tenets of autobiography and ethnography to do and write autoethnography.  Thus, as a method, autoethnography is both process and product” (Sec. 1 History).

In the history section, Ellis, Adams, and Bochner provide a nice introduction to postmodernism and several scholars:

  • Kuhn; Rorty – science tied to paradigms and vocabularies of representation
  • De Certeau; Lyotard – universal narratives…not such a great thing.
  • Barthes; Derrida; Radway – shifting relationships between authors and texts.
  • Adams; Bochner; Fisher – “they realized that stories were complex, constitutive, meaningful phenomena that taught morals and ethics, introduced unique ways of thinking and feeling, and helped people make sense of themselves and others” (“History”)
  • Conquergood; Ellis; Riedmann – “there was an increasing need to resist colonialist, sterile research impulses of authoritatively entering a culture, exploiting cultural members, and then recklessly leaving to write about the culture for monetary and/or professional gain, while disregarding relational ties to cultural members”

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